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Campaigners call for end to UK’s cruel fur imports as shock investigation reveals deformed foxes, cannibalistic mink on ‘high-welfare’ Finnish fur farms

Today on International Fur-Free Friday, animal charity Humane Society International/UK has renewed its call for the government to ban UK fur sales as its latest investigation reveals deplorable conditions and distressing animal suffering on fur farms in Finland.

HSI/Africa urges department of environmental affairs to heed Parliament’s call to end captive lion breeding for trophy hunting and the bone trade

In a press release dated 3rd December 2018, newly appointed Minister of Environmental Affairs, Honourable Mrs Mokonyane, confirmed that the agency will appoint a high-level panel to review policies and legislation on a number of matters related to elephant, lion, leopard and rhinoceros handling, management, breeding, hunting and trade. One of the panel’s mandates pertains to the captive lion breeding industry, and a need to “harmonise sustainable use with strictly controlled legal international trade and monitoring.”

Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration’s Failure to Protect Giraffes

Conservation groups are suing the Trump administration for its failure to consider protections for giraffes. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has refused to act on an April 2017 petition seeking Endangered Species Act protections for giraffes.

Undercover investigation exposes shocking, unregulated market for giraffe parts across the United States despite steep population declines

A shocking undercover investigation found giraffe parts and products sold online and in stores by at least 51 dealers across the United States.

동물실험에 대한 여론조사 결과 동물대체시험 연구지원과 법적 제도 마련에 공감 압도적

동물보호단체 휴메인 소사이어티 인터내셔널(Humane Society International, 이하 HSI)의 의뢰로 여론조사 전문기관 리얼미터에 의해 진행 된 조사에 따르면 응답자의 대다수인 85%가 본인이 내는 세금으로 동물실험이 아닌, 이를 대체하는 연구를 지원하는데 동의하는 것으로 나타났다.