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KDHS Happy Stories



In December 2010, my husband and I decided it was time to add to our family.  We thought it would be nice for our 10 month old Boxer x Shepherd, Kona (far right) to have a buddy to hang out with!  After visiting a few other dogs, a friend of mine forwarded a humane society email to me which featured a sweet little boxer x lab puppy named Bailey (far left). Knowing how much we love the Boxer qualities, we thought this might be a good fit so we went to meet her at her Foster family’s home.  We instantly fell in love with this girl but knew she would still have to pass Kona’s test. When we brought Kona to meet Bailey, she didn’t give him any other choice but to love her as she instantly went up and started ‘boxing’ him which erupted into a pretty intense play session!   Within a few days of the Humane Society deeming our home and yard suitable, Bailey was home with us.  It took a week or so for Kona to get used to sharing the attention but now, they are inseparable!  We are really glad we were able to give Bailey such a great home.  Many thanks to the Humane Society for all the work they do. 


~The Lavallee's


Hopi & Missy

This mother and daughter pair were originally rescued by a kind woman named Barb. They lived happily together for several years before Barb became ill and passed away rather suddenly. None of Barb's family were willing to keep Hopi and Missy and their future looked very bleak until the Kamloops Humane Society learned of this sad situation and stepped in to try to find these two a home.

The cats were a challenge to place because we didn't want to separate them, they were both over 2 years old and they were a little shy with strangers. We got to work by sending out emails with their story, posting online and putting up posters around town. Hopi and Missy have now found a permanent, loving home where they can stay together and happily live out their lives! The Kamloops Humane Society would like to express our deep gratitude to everyone who spread the word about these poor homeless cats. A huge thank you to Yvette and her family who have opened their hearts and their home to these sweet kitties. We wish you many, many wonderful years together.


It's hard to believe that this wonderful little dog was just hours away from being euthanized. He was taken in by the Kamloops Humane Society in the nick of time. We had him neutered, vaccinated and tattooed before putting him into a foster home.

This lucky boy was soon adopted by Paula and Mark and is now part of the family. We are thrilled to receive regular updates and photos.

You can tell by the look on Toby's face just how happy he is.